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It is already December 15th and I am just now getting around to posting about advent calendars. Better late then never, right? If you, like me, didn’t get around to creating a 25 day advent calendar this post is written just for you.

Amy and I got together after our fabulous trip to Hobby Lobby (sorry Christy) and created the “12 Days of Christmas” advent countdown.  Amy, being the paper diva she is, had some adorable white boxes on hand that were the perfect size to hide an advent treat. We folded those up, printed off the numbers 1-12 in red ink and tied them all up with an adorable red gingham sash. Amy’s mom let us borrow this amazing red vintage sled which I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! We tacked the boxes up onto the sled using double sided tape and Amy used her magic in creating the perfect “12 Days of Christmas” sign. It has such an adorable vintage Christmas feel that I just had to share it (even though I am two day’s late).

Here are some other inspiring advent calendar’s. I hope it is all the inspiration you need to begin your count down to Christmas.


Special thanks to all those who inspire me:







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