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I love to decorate especially when the holidays are upon us. I try to add something new to my collection each year to ensure a fresh and exciting look.
This year I purchased a few red cardinal ornaments and lots of fake snow to create a red, white and green winter mantel. I also recycled the bottom branches off my Christmas tree which added a natural woodland feel. I really love how my mantle turned out this year. The red birds tie into my existing decor and the fake snow sparkles when the fireplace is burning. I enjoy bringing outdoor elements inside and my snowy woodland mantel ensure that we will enjoy a white Christmas no matter what occurs outside.


My grandmother made the poinsettia stockings along with a tree skirt for my husband and I as a wedding gift.  I always thought that it was such a great homemade gift idea as most newly weds don’t have matching holiday decor.  We have used those stockings for the past 13 years and they are a treasure because my grandmother hand-made them for us.  My mom made the green plaid stockings for my two boys and I love the contrast of the green plaid and the floral poinsettia print.

I have mixed white glitter branches with the greenery from my Christmas tree to give it a whimsy outdoor feel.

This has always reminded me a bit of a Cuckoo clock It fits in perfectly with all the red cardinals and white snow.



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We’ve been partying it up here in North Carolina, and Friday morning was no exception.  My dear friend, Megan, had a Christmas open house at her new house (she moved a few months ago and has been hard at work redoing much of it), and she was kind enough to allow me to bring my camera and show the world her awesome Christmas decor.   Megan is my partner in crime at the Cameron (NC) Antique Fair twice a year, and hopefully she’ll allow me to show you some of her great decorating ideas after the holidays, too, but today I wanted to concentrate on her Christmas decorations.

Here’s her front door wreath–you know it’s going to be good with such an awesome wreath.  OF COURSE she made it herself!


LOVE the firescreen wrapped up as a present–that’s from our Junior League’s Holly Day Fair last year.  The magnolia leaves on the mantel are from my tree.  She came over and cut magnolia and cypress boughs and I went to her house and cut pyracantha berries.  They turn red instead of orange this time of year and are a great stand-in for holly (our holly bushes have been pillaged in the name of decorating for Christmas!).  It’s a great idea to swap greenery with a friend, so you can have a nice variety on your mantel, and everywhere else.

Here’s the dining room, and the table is loaded with awesome food (I could do a post just on her recipe ideas).   Meg and her family have lived all over the US, courtesy of the Army, and did a stint in Germany, too, so she’s got some great pieces in her home.

I just love the use of natural elements–the clove-studded oranges (courtesy of her husband and kids), the cranberries in the hurricanes, the cypress boughs, and of course the berries on the chandelier.


Megan has a great collection of transferware, and the red and white pattern is perfect for the holidays.  I also love the old mason jars filled with greenery–she’s got them scattered throughout the house.


It’s hard not to be jealous of this stained glass window–she’s got a couple–one day I’ll find one I can afford at a flea market!

I was scolded because I took the pictures before the peppermint bark made it onto the table (sorry!!), but it still looks great.  I never get tired of the apothecary jars filled with ornaments, and take a look at the antique goblet filled with peppermint straws.

A collection of vintage European Santas…


…and a tabletop vignette of clove-studded oranges and berries.  It smelled heavenly!

What better time to bring out the heirloom silver and demitasse spoons?

Thanks for opening your home to us, Megan!

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In real life, I have a husband and kids and a very busy calendar (and a very messy kitchen), and so my Christmas decorations do not go up overnight.  Rather, it takes me about a week.  We were out of town for Thanksgiving, too, and so I feel like I came home already behind the eight ball.  So, room by room we are getting decked out for Christmas.

I had to start with my daughter’s room, mostly because she would have decorated herself if I hadn’t, and that would have been a mess!  We had a great time in there for a day, and then I moved on to the kitchen because I love my little kitchen tree the most of any of my trees.  I must admit here and now that the Ritz cracker can is an idea that I borrowed from my good friend Andrea.  All of the ornaments are kitchen/cooking related.

Kitchen Tree

Next, I did the wet bar.  I took down my mint julep cups from the shelf and put up my grandmother’s Santa mugs and little Santa nut cups (I think they’re nut cups, at least).  Thank you to my cousin, Stephanie, for sharing some of the mugs with me–they were the best Christmas present ever!  I didn’t do much else here besides add some evergreens and holly (I cut both from the backyard) and light some candles.  I think the old leaded glass window is a decoration in and of itself.

Wet bar

Grammy's Santa Mugs

Vintage decanters from my grandmother and a thrift shop silver tray


After the kitchen and the wet bar were done, I moved into the library, and did the mantel there.  Our house has four fireplaces, so I’m going to need a few more ideas.  Fortunately, Southern Hospitality and The Lettered Cottage are having a vignette party, so I can get lots of good mantel ideas there!

My goal for this Christmas was not to buy anything new, and to just use what I had, whether it was technically a Christmas decoration or not.  I did buy fresh poinsettias ($3.50 each at Wal-mart) and the letters to make the JOY banner ($5 at Hobby Lobby for the letters and the ribbon–I already had the spray paint and the glitter), but that’s it.  Everything else was already in the house and just got moved to the mantel.  I cut cypress greens from the backyard and magnolia leaves from the front.  I’m still tweaking it a bit, but here it is as of 8pm tonight!

Close up of mantel in library

All right, this means it’s time to move on to the next room tomorrow.  At this rate, I’ll just be getting done by Christmas!

More pictures of these rooms are available on Rate My Space.  Thanks for coming by!

The Lettered Cottage

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Visions of Sugarplums

Probably the saddest thing about this photo medley is that it might be the last one done in shades of pink and green, as my daughter tells me that next year she wants her room done in robin’s egg blue and green with ELEPHANTS on the walls.  OK…no problem, honey!  Actually, I’m not sure how I’m going to include the elephants without it looking tacky, so I’m hoping she’ll just forget about those.  No need to remind me that I’m stifling her creativity by saying that!  Her room is pretty much entirely pink, green, and white, so it will be a challenge to shift gears with the color palette.  But, since I really do love to decorate, I will arm myself with a can of spray paint and create a more grown-up retreat for my seven-going-on-seventeen-year-old!

Teapots for Two

So, all of that is a little background as to why I really savored the Christmas decorating this year and decided to take pictures.  I know that everyone’s taste is different—consider me and Annabelle to be absolute proof of that statement—but I thought it might give some of you inspiration as you decorate for the holiday.

I seem to have a bit of a “tea theme” going on in Annabelle’s room, hence the two teapots and the tea-related books stacked under the topiary.  I know you probably can’t see that the books are titled Muffins, Scones, and Tea for Two, but that’s because my camera is pretty old and has been dropped on its head a few too many times.  As a side note, I asked Santa for a nice one this Christmas, but I’m not really sure that I’ve been good enough to get it!

Back to the teapots…the larger one is from a dear friend who gave it to Belle on her fourth birthday, and the smaller one was actually hand-painted by my great aunt and is a real family treasure.  I hold my breath over that one every time we move.  The topiary is from TJ Maxx (raise your hand if you LOVE TJMaxx!) and is going on fifteen years old, but we don’t discriminate against the aged in this house, since the house is older than all of us put together.

A quick aside on the tree:  it’s kind of a Charlie Brown tree this year, having lost several of its branches in our last move, but since we’ll probably be moving again next summer, I think I’d better hold onto it and buy a new one once we get there.  Also, since I find tons of Christmas decorations at yard sales, I can keep an eye open for a “new” one.   In the meantime, I stuffed it full of ornaments and other decorations and I hardly notice that it’s a little lopsided, although you might now that I’ve called attention to it.  I continued the tea theme (but did NOT beat it to death, I promise) with her silver tea set and a Christmas-themed set under the tree.  The Christmas set was from my mom and since she died before meeting her granddaughter, it’s extra special to me.  The tree skirt is actually a dresser scarf and it was embroidered by my grandmother, but I think I need a better camera for you to see the detail on it (Santa, are you listening?).

Oh, and do you see the bed in the picture?  That’s my old white iron bed, and I love it.  My daughter, on the other hand, does not.  She has asked me to paint it green or blue next year.  I will normally spray paint anything that sits still, but I have to admit that makes me nervous.  Any ideas?


This is normally Annabelle’s bedside table, but of course I had to rearrange to put the tree in the window so it’s hanging out at the foot of her bed this month.  I actually snagged this little old table for $3 at a yard sale, painted and distressed it, and glued the pompom fringe around the top.  Love it!  (I wonder how it will look in green and robin’s egg blue?).  The Sugar Plum Fairy nutcracker is a reminder of our annual trip to see the Nutcracker—my daughter’s seen it in three different states already.  You can’t really see the quilt, but it was my great-grandmother’s and we think it’s almost one hundred years old.  I sewed the duvet cover out of two fabric shower curtains I found at Marshall’s.  My mother always told me I’d need to know how to sew, and as with everything else she told me, she was right.



“No Pouting.”  These are words to live by during the holiday season, aren’t they?











I made this dollhouse for my daughter last Christmas and I won’t lie, it was nearly the end of me.  It turned out great, although there were moments of despair along the way (and several bottles of wine consumed late at night).  The dollhouse has been decorated for the holidays, but only on the outside.  The residents are extremely messy and when I took a look today, the toilet was in the attic and the bedroom furniture was in the living room.  Some of them were missing articles of clothing, too.  It must have been some party!

I have a few more pictures that I’ll post below without a lot of explanation; if you’re like me, then the more pictures, the better.

Thanks for taking a look around, and enjoy getting your home ready for the season!

For a lot more pictures, you can check out this room on Rate My Space.  I’ve never posted anything there before and am petrified that everyone will give me horrible ratings, so please say nice things (even if you have to fib a little bit–that’s what girlfriends do!).

Take a look at Southern Hospitality’s Vignette Party; Annabelle’s room is entry #192.


Santa Pillow (made by my talented aunt)

Pinky Bear (made by another talented aunt)

Angel Chandelier
Old Dining Room Chair–Redone

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By Terry

I must confess, I am a bargain hunter. I hate to pay full price for anything, especially costly furniture. Since buying our home three years ago, I have slowly begun collecting pieces of furniture and decorating it inch by inch to turn my house into my dream home. I find inspiration everywhere and thank god for all of the decorating websites and blogs that have helped me along with my decorating journey.

My latest project was the result of my oldest son beginning kindergarten – I wanted to add a desk to his existing bedroom furniture. As a self-proclaimed bargain shopper, I, of course, tackled my usual go-to sites: Craiglist and eBay. Unfortunately, nothing caught my eye. I didn’t want to settle on something that I didn’t love and really wanted to find the perfect desk so I began randomly searching the web and stumbled upon a hidden thrifty secret called “Public Surplus”.

This site has everything from cars to old school chalk boards and luckily for me, a desk. I found, bid on, and won a desk with a wooden chair from our local school system for a whooping $3.28!
I wanted the chair and desk to match so I decided to sand them both down and paint them blue. Adding in the cost of the quart of paint to the total sale still kept me under $15 for the pair. A true bargain, and a great addition to my son’s bedroom.
Here is my drab desk turned fab find for under $15.00.

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