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Amy and Terry are off on a Hobby Lobby field trip without me (not that I’m bitter or anything) and so I get to do the post today!  In all seriousness, I don’t begrudge them their trip.  They are in Virginia, after all, and I’m in North Carolina, and they have been LIVING WITHOUT A HOBBY LOBBY this whole time!  Can you believe that?  They’ve been so deprived…I assume they took the trailer to carry everything home from the new Hobby Lobby that just opened near them.

I wanted to do another post on quick and easy gift ideas.  If the Christmas cheer in a bottle (a.k.a. homemade liquor) post wasn’t your style, here’s one on easy, homemade ginger and lavender bath salts.  These are great teacher gifts or stocking stuffers, and you can use them throughout the year as a simple birthday gift, too.  They’re inexpensive–always a plus–and easy to dress up with packaging ideas (more on that later).

Let’s get started: simply mix in large bowl 2 cups of baking soda, 1 cup of Epsom salts (buy these in the pharmacy section), and 2 tablespoons of ground ginger.  If you want lavender, then omit the ginger and add about 10-15 drops of lavender essential oil.  Mix thoroughly and package it up–that’s it!  Some people add colored dye, but I’m not into adding artificial coloring unless it’s absolutely necessary.  Of course, you could substitute any essential oil that you prefer.  The possibilities are endless!  This makes one batch, and of course you can double, triple, quadruple it, etc etc.

Presentation is everything, so have fun packaging it up.  Pour it into cellophane bags, like the Wilton treat bags that you buy in the cake decorating section of the hobby store, or put it in a mason jar.  Tie it off with some ribbon or raffia, and use these Ginger Soak Printables if you’d like.  I print them on white card stock or whole sheet sticker paper, and cut them with a 3″ circle or scalloped punch.  If you find any old silver spoons at a flea markets or a yard sale, tie one to the jar (or bag) with the ribbon and it’s even cuter!

When it’s time to soak, the lucky recipient can throw in a few spoonfuls or the whole bag (depending on how bad her day was) and wash her troubles away.  Come to think of it, why not keep some in a cute vintage jar by your tub?

This seemed like a great idea to share on The Shabby Nest’s Frugal Friday linky party…wow, there are some awesome ideas over there, so take a look!



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By Amy

One of my favorite blogs and fellow graphic designer, Emily at Jones Design Co. made the most beautiful holiday gift tags and she is giving them away for FREE! How lucky is that? I had to share them!

Just download them, and print them. Even her packages are perfection. I didn’t want to not share this great find. Check them out here at Jones Design Co.

Gift Tags from Jones Design Co.

Happy Wrapping!!!

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By Amy


DIY Believe Sign

DIY “Joyeux Noel” Sign

As a graphic designer, I love type and the simple messages words can convey. I began making these simple little signs as gifts and decorations and they are so easy.

All you need is:

Scrapbook paper in light color (s) with a simple pattern. I chose a light green with a white paisley so the text won’t compete with the pattern.

A color printer

Several small wood rectangles (I have bought them at both Hobby Lobby and Michael’s)

Corner rounder (mine is from Creative Memories years ago, this is only necessary if your wood has rounded corners)

Spray Mount Craft Adhesive


1) Print out the graphic on your scrapbook paper. (I cut down 12×12 scrapbook paper to fit my printer, BTW). Here is the file I used:

Holiday Sign Printable

2) Cut it down to size (I carefully line up the text in the center of the wood before I cut–which sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t, but perfection isn’t necessary in my world). I use a paper cutter but scissors are fine too. I also round the corners off with a little tool I got years ago from Creative Memories, but if your board has square corners obviously this isn’t necessary.

3) Then spray the back of the paper with spray adhesive and press on the wood board. Don’t worry if it shows through, it will dry. I usually put a heavy book over it for a few minutes just to make sure it adheres.

4) Then I raid my husband’s tools (he finds this very stressful, so I do it when he isn’t around…he really loves his drill) and anyway–get out his drill. I usually use the 3/16 bit to make a hole large enough for the ribbon to go through easily. Just drill a hole on either side from the front of the sign to the back, but don’t get too close to the edge or the wood could crack.

5) Now all I do is add some ribbon, I cut about 2 16″ pieces, knot one end then slide it through the hole, twisting it up makes it easier to get through the small hole. (If you are strugging to get it through the hole, use an opened paperclip to help).

6) Then tie a knot to hold the ribbon in place, then I tie a bow over top of it. (And, I am never able to create those magazine quality bows, so if anyone has any tips please post a comment and help!), but then I trim the ribbon ends neatly and hang. All done! I am going to make a few more signs, so check back for more printables.

DIY Believe Sign

I also made this one for my daughter’s room, its similar to the holiday ones but larger and I plan to do an entire post on it soon.  I was inspired by Jones Design Co.’s post entitled TWIRL (http://jonesdesigncompany.com/thoughts/twirl/), and I had to make this sign for my baby girl’s room. She embroidered hers, but I am all for a faster solution.



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From Amy…

Things to Do Holiday Printable

Gifts to Buy Free Holiday Printable

Menu Planner

Here at Magnolia Lane, we believe you can be cute and organized at the same time. As the Holiday Season kicks off, here are some free printables for you to use to organize this hectic time of year. Enjoy!

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