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Things to Do Holiday Printable

Gifts to Buy Free Holiday Printable

Menu Planner

Here at Magnolia Lane, we believe you can be cute and organized at the same time. As the Holiday Season kicks off, here are some free printables for you to use to organize this hectic time of year. Enjoy!


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Wall Calendar

Week at a Glance Wall Calendar

By Christy…I am an organization addict.  Combine a Type A personality with only-child syndrome and throw in a touch of OCD, and this is what you get!  I have owned every Day-Timer and Filofax ever made, and for awhile there I was really good about keeping my schedule in my Blackberry, but now I am back to a good old-fashioned wall calendar that gives me the month at a glance and allows me to plan WAY far in advance (a must for every military wife and homeschooling mom).  But for the current week, I have–drumroll, please–my chalkboard calendar on my kitchen wall!

Everyone laughs at my wall calendar, but I know that they are secretly jealous.  They feel flattered if they “make” the calendar and then get to see their names prominently displayed in my kitchen.  Since I have to write down every move that I plan to make or I will forget it, lots of people make my chalkboard in a week’s time!

The panels are simply chalkboard-style Wallies, the peel-and-stick wallpaper that can then be easily removed when the time comes. By the way, I haven’t tested that claim yet, so I am hoping that when we move they do peel off that easily, because I already will have enough nail holes to fill!  Anyway, I bought the Wallies online, probably on Ebay since I am an Ebay addict in addition to being an organization addict, and I just measured and stuck those puppies on my wall.  I suppose you COULD use tape and chalkboard paint, but that would obviously be a more permanent approach and our frequent moves make me more of a “temporary” than a “permanent” person.

Since there are eight panels but only seven days in the week (I know you know that, but sometimes I schedule enough for eight!), I have one panel left over for NOTES, where I keep a handy running to-do list of things that I have really been putting off for a long time (like make a new will and schedule our flu shots).  My real, daily to-do list gets written on paper and stuffed in my purse, but that’s another post for another day!  I also start my week on Monday, even though my pastor tells me that Sunday is the first day of the week, because I need to see the weekend days together.  Of course, the beauty of the chalk board is that on Sunday, I wipe the whole thing off with a wet paper towel and get to start it all over again.

I should resolve that  I will put more things on my calendar like “massage” or “lunch with the girls, “ or my personal favorite, “shoe shopping,” but unless someone creates that eighth day in my week, I’m not sure if I’m going to have time for those things before January!

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