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By Terry

I must confess, I am a bargain hunter. I hate to pay full price for anything, especially costly furniture. Since buying our home three years ago, I have slowly begun collecting pieces of furniture and decorating it inch by inch to turn my house into my dream home. I find inspiration everywhere and thank god for all of the decorating websites and blogs that have helped me along with my decorating journey.

My latest project was the result of my oldest son beginning kindergarten – I wanted to add a desk to his existing bedroom furniture. As a self-proclaimed bargain shopper, I, of course, tackled my usual go-to sites: Craiglist and eBay. Unfortunately, nothing caught my eye. I didn’t want to settle on something that I didn’t love and really wanted to find the perfect desk so I began randomly searching the web and stumbled upon a hidden thrifty secret called “Public Surplus”.

This site has everything from cars to old school chalk boards and luckily for me, a desk. I found, bid on, and won a desk with a wooden chair from our local school system for a whooping $3.28!
I wanted the chair and desk to match so I decided to sand them both down and paint them blue. Adding in the cost of the quart of paint to the total sale still kept me under $15 for the pair. A true bargain, and a great addition to my son’s bedroom.
Here is my drab desk turned fab find for under $15.00.


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